Discover Koh Chang

Koh Chang is Thailand’s second largest island and can be reached easily from Bangkok either by bus, car or via a short flight.

The island is characterised by lots of pristine sandy beaches, while most of its interior is made up of steep hills and mountains covered with lush green jungle. Most of the island’s landmass is protected National Park, which ensures that the island will remain virtually unspoilt even in the future. Developments are largely confined to the coastline and subject to strict regulations.

Koh Chang’s unique topography provides a wealth of options to explore, and even long-time frequent visitors to the island always find new places to discover, activities to undertake, new shopping areas and restaurants to visit. Further offshore, there are more than 50 tropical islands in the Koh Chang archipelago to explore as well.


Koh Chang offers that rare combination of an expansive, pristine coastline and a lush green interior that is mostly made up of protected national parkland.

Siam Royal Bay at Klong Son is in the most desirable location on Koh Chang and is fringed by crystal clear blue seas and protected National Park jungle – it truly is a tropical paradise.

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Through its transformation from virgin rainforest to a little-known backpacker hangout, and to its current development into a high end resort destination, Koh Chang has developed a unique identity with a very special look and feel.

The contrast between the steep mountains and the idyllic beachfront is the most striking. For example, the journey on the island ring road to the south of the island is a road trip adventure not to be missed; not only because of the stunning views but also the dramatic slope gradients, reminiscent of a roller coaster experience.

Koh Chang possesses its very own distinctive charm that you won’t come across anywhere else and we invite you to discover its outstanding features. We hope to be able to welcome you to this sun-dappled paradise soon. The most difficult part is the departure from the island, which is why so many visitors are keen to return time and again.


Koh Chang received its name, in English as “Elephant Island” derived  from the shape of the northern tip of the island. When approaching Koh Chang by ferry, the northern tip looks like the head, back and tail of an elephant wading in water, and the small island to the north looks like a baby elephant (in Thai language = Chang Noi).

There are no wild elephants on Koh Chang, but there are multiple elephant camps offering elephant rides through the jungle, and even a swim with the elephants.